🗳 Election ahoy!

[April 2023]

The local election for Havant Borough Council is on Thursday 4th May.

A significant change this year is that you will have to show photographic ID in order to vote at a polling station.  It can be a driving licence, a bus pass, a passport or a ‘PASS’ identity card.  If you do not have any of those, nor any of the few other acceptable forms of ID, you are entitled to a free ‘Voter Authority Certificate’, but you must apply by Tuesday 25th April.
Full information is here: stfaiths.havantlabour.uk/ID.

Do not let this change in procedure deter you – please vote on 4th May!

And be sure to make your vote count!

Recent election results indicate that St Faiths will be a close-fought two-horse race between Labour and the Conservatives.  A vote here for any of the other candidates that are standing will not change anything.

Indeed, given that currently there are only two Borough councillors who are are not Conservatives – voting for yet another Conservative won’t change anything either!

So in this election, in this ward, the only way to make a difference is to vote Labour!

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All our newsletters are available to read on-line here:

Our members and supporters try to deliver a copy of each issue to every residence in the ward, but if we’ve somehow missed you out, or if you’d like to get in touch with us for any other reason, please contact us on stfaiths@havantlabour.uk.

  Please vote for Gillian Harris on Thursday 4th May!