📄 Damage to bottle banks: health and safety hazard

From  Phil Munday
(Chair of St Faiths & Emsworth Labour Party)
To  Jackie Branson
(St Faiths Ward Councillor)
7 September 2020

Dear Jackie,

Thank you for the reply.

I have just been round to check.  There are four bottle bins outside OneStop.  Of those two have full covers on, one has a badly smashed cover and the last has an unlocked cover.

Then I looked at the other sites.  Outside the Post Office sorting there are three I think and now two of those have open lids, similarly in Emsworth North Street car park.

There are two issues about this.

The first is a health and safety one:  if the lid is open people just throw the bottles in and shards of glass are thrown up.  This is dangerous.  In a school it would never be acceptable so why is it OK on our streets?  Next to the open bins in all three sites there is quite a lot of broken glass.  The situation has got worse since I reported it as often happens with damage unless it is sorted quickly so delay actually makes the cost increase!

Secondly it also just looks an eyesore and I really want my town to look smart and welcoming.  Can we not ask Norse to look at this please?

Incidentally I wrote to all three councillors twice and yours is the first reply I have received, for which I am grateful but though these issues may seem minor (and I think the health and safety issue is not minor) they are part of what sets the tone for the town.

I attach photos.

Best wishes,

Phil Munday

From  Jackie Branson
(St Faiths Ward Councillor)
To  Phil Munday
(Chair of St Faiths & Emsworth Labour Party)
3 September 2020

Hi Phil
I regular walk past the bottle banks at Green Pond Corner. They all have lids although one is a little bent but still there.
I do check it regularly

From  Phil Munday
(Chair of St Faiths & Emsworth Labour Party)
To  Tim Pike, Jackie Branson, David Guest
(St Faiths Ward Councillors)
2 September 2020

Dear Councillors,

I wrote to you about a month ago raising a number of issues.

I am afraid I have had no update on these issues and am aware that as of last week the lost lid on the bottle bank was still missing.  Indeed something similar has happened at the bottle banks at Green Pond Corner and North Street Emsworth Car Park.

My concern is that if the issue is not dealt with the damage will only get worse and throwing bottles into an open container is likely to lead to shards of glass flying off.

Please could you let me know progress on the matter.

Yours sincerely,

Phil Munday

From  ‘Customer Services’, Havant Borough Council
To  Phil Munday
(Chair of St Faiths & Emsworth Labour Party)
28 July 2020

Dear Mr Munday

Thank you for your e-mail concerning broken glass and a damaged glass bank which has been reported to our Operational Service for investigation and resolution.

This issue has been recorded on our customer reporting system under reference number CAS-847378-H3P6B9

I have requested an update on what action is being taken regarding your original enquiry and we will contact you as soon as we have further information.

Should you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours sincerely

[Customer Services officer]

From  Phil Munday
(Chair of St Faiths & Emsworth Labour Party)
To  ‘Customer Services’, Havant Borough Council
27 July 2020

On 28th June I sent the below email and received the below acknowledgement.

Since then I have received no response.  I subsequently contacted Norse about issues 1 and 3 below by telephone and was promised that something would be done.

I am particularly concerned about Item 1. I checked the bottle bank outside the Post Office Sorting Office and found that is it still without a lid and broken glass still covers the pavement.  However, now there is a second container with a damaged, partially open lid.
It should be noted that a similar problem exists at the Emsworth bottle bank in the car park off North Street.  Any open container where glass is simply thrown inside will result in shards of glass being scattered on the pavement and put the person using the bins in danger.

I would be grateful for a full response to my original email and particularly action taken regarding the bottle bank.

Yours sincerely,

Phil Munday

—–Original Message—–
From: HBC ‘Customer Services’
Sent: 28 June 2020 12:48
To: Phil Munday
Subject: Your query for Havant Borough Council

Thank you for completing the online form. We will get in touch with you using the contact details you supplied if a response is required.

Your reference number for this form is 62406/72411

You submitted the form on Sunday, 28 June, 2020 – 11:48

The details you gave us are:

==Which team would you like to contact?==
Service: Neighbourhood quality
Additional information:
I am unsure who to contact about these issues.  Please could you direct me to the correct places to raise my concerns?

1.  The bottle bank at the Post Office sorting office East Street includes a container which has been missing a lid for some time.  Broken glass is strewn across the pavement.  Please could the lid be replaced as a matter of urgency?

2.  Residents have complained to me about the increase in nighttime lighting at Langstone Technology Park, which causes light pollution to the residents in Langstone who back onto the Technology Park.  Please could this be looked into?

3.  Opposite the southern entrance to Havant Railway Station, to the left of the steps going down to Market Parade there is damaged boarding and collapsed herris fencing which presents a poor impression of the town to visitors and is an eyesore.  Please could something be done about this?

I have photos of each of the above concerns and would be grateful for your help in directing me to the correct person.

Thank you,

Phil Munday

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