📄 New railway halt for West Leigh?

From  Graham Noble
(Labour Party member, St Faiths ward)
To  David Hayward
(Planning Policy Manager, Havant Borough Council)
5 June 2021

Dear Mr Hayward,

At the public consultation event that was held some years back about the proposed new housing development between Denvilles and Emsworth, I suggested that as part of the transport infrastructure to support the development, it would be good to have a new railway halt on the Portsmouth-to-Waterloo line, close to where it passes under Bartons Road.

It seems to me that this location would be ideal to serve the residents of the new development and also those of West Leigh, and it has the potential to relieve the pressure on the road system, which is already very high at certain times of day.

I am writing to enquire whether my suggestion was ever pursued at all, and if so what conclusions were drawn?

Yours sincerely,

Graham Noble

From  Lorraine Cogger
(Community Relations, Wessex Route, Network Rail)
To  Graham Noble
5 June 2021

Dear Mr Noble

Thank you for contacting Network Rail.

Network Rail is not funded for new stations or the re-opening of old ones and this would need to be promoted by the local authority in this case as you say Havant Borough Council or the developer.

Network Rail would work with those promoters to understand the impact on the timetable, on the capacity of the line and how it affects the wider strategy for the line, but Network Rail would not be the driving force.

Should a local authority or developer wish to instate the station then Network Rail would of course work with them to understand the feasibility, but they would need to be in contact with us directly.

The following resources should be of use:

Once again thank you for contacting Network Rail.

Kind Regards,

Lorraine Cogger

From  Graham Noble
(Labour Party member, St Faiths ward)
To  Wessex Route Management, Network Rail
4 June 2021

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to ask how one should go about requesting the construction of a new railway halt.

A large new housing estate is about to be built on the green gap between Havant and Emsworth, and as part of the infrastructure to support it, it occurs to me that it would be good to have a new railway halt on the Portsmouth-to-Waterloo line.

The precise location I envisage for the halt would be in West Leigh, at the point where the railway passes under Bartons Road.

I attach a map showing this.

I did make this suggestion to Havant Borough Council some years ago when they held a public consultation on the new development, but I have heard nothing from them about it.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Best regards,

Graham Noble

  • Attached map:

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