📄 Refuse collection in Denvilles

From  Phil Munday
(Chair of St Faiths & Emsworth Labour Party)
To  Norse South East Customer Services
17 June 2021

I am a resident of Third Avenue, Denvilles, Havant and am writing to express my concern about the disruption to regular waste collections in the area over the last couple of weeks.

Currently in Third Avenue our general waste bin has not been collected for 6 days.  Many bins are now overflowing and the refuse is starting to stink.

I realise some of the delay in our road may be due to the gas works being carried out in the street but this has now finished and access is much easier.

Please can you ensure a speedy collection.

It is also concerning that for the past week we have received no communication explaining what the problem is and when it will be sorted.

I await your response,

Phil Munday