◻️ Labour candidates selected for 2021 elections

[June 2020]

St Faiths and Emsworth Labour Party have selected their candidates for the 2021 Borough Council elections, which are to be held on Thursday 6 May.

Phil Munday

Phil Munday, who is standing in St Faiths, is a retired secondary school teacher and headteacher who has lived in St Faiths ward for over forty years.  He has four children who all attended local schools.
You can follow him on Facebook at facebook.com/PhilforStFaiths

Phil explains his reasons for standing:

“I am standing for Havant Borough Council to make a difference to our local community. If elected as councillor I would

  • hold our Council leaders to account and work for more open, democratic and consultative decision making,
  • work for sensible limits to housebuilding in Havant to protect our local environment, having regard to housing density and the use of brownfield sites,
  • promote more environmentally friendly energy including solar panels on all new houses, and pilot projects with heat pumps.

I support the Labour Party because we need a fairer and more equal society where the rich do not have unfair advantages and the poorer and more vulnerable are looked after.”

Steve Bilbe

Steve Bilbe, who is standing in the Emsworth ward, is a Deputy Head Teacher living in Emsworth with his wife and children.

Steve says:

“I am committed to making sure Emsworth continues to be the fantastic place that it is to live.  I am worried that if we continue to live in a society dominated by a Conservative government and a Conservative controlled Borough Council this will not be the case.

Out of 38 councillors on our Council, 33 are representatives of the Conservative Party.  We need a wider range of views to ensure that Havant Borough Council becomes more representative of all of the people in our community, and decisions which affect us all are debated democratically and subjected to effective scrutiny.

At present, the policy is to spend as little as possible on local services.  We need to act immediately to protect our vital local services now and for future generations.”