◻️ This bridge is a disgrace to Havant

[July 2022] The state of the railway footbridge at Havant station is a disgrace to the town. A large section (pictured, right) has recently   →

◻️ Havant fails to win any ‘Levelling-Up’ funds

[February 2023] Havant Council’s bid for a £20M share of central Government’s ‘Levelling-Up’ fund, to enable regeneration of Havant Town Centre, has been turned   →

◻️ Langstone Village Coastal Defences

[April 2020] Havant Borough Council are undertaking a study for future coastal management at Langstone. They are consulting with local residents about planned improvements to the   →

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We continue to ask questions about development of the vacant sites in East Street and North Street. New planning applications have recently been put   →