◻️ Doubts over planned relief road

[March 2021] At consultation workshops three years ago on the proposed housing development between Denvilles and Emsworth, concern was raised by many residents about   →

◻️ Warblington Station footbridge: promise broken

[July 2020] At the time of the public consultation for the development on the site of Strides Farm and the flower nursery (which is   →

📄 Re review of Havant Local Plan

From  Phil Munday (Chair of St Faiths & Emsworth Labour Party) To  Charlotte Glancy (Programme Officer for the Local Plan examination) 10 June 2021   →

📄 New railway halt for West Leigh?

From  Graham Noble (Labour Party member, St Faiths ward) To  David Hayward (Planning Policy Manager, Havant Borough Council) 5 June 2021 Dear Mr Hayward,   →