Dan Berwick

Dan has been a resident of Havant for the past 13 years, where he and his wife have been raising their three children who all go to local Havant schools.

Dan explains: ‘Like most residents, I share many of our frustrations when it comes to our ward. Important issues include; the poor state of our footbridges, the unacceptable situation with sewage dumping including the latest reservoir proposal, the amount of dog mess on our streets, the growing traffic queues at our train gates, planning issues with new builds in the area, and many others.

In my career I manage quality assurance teams. This aligns with my belief and passion that everyone should be entitled to high quality products and outcomes, a passion I also hold to our vital public services, and the area we all live in day to day. I believe in a working council that co-operates for the greater good of the community and the area.