◻️ Problems with garden waste service

[December 2020]

Household rubbish has been collected remarkably reliably in St Faiths throughout the Covid lockdowns. 

This is greatly to the credit of our heroic front-line workers, to whom we give thanks. 

But residents with gardens may have noticed that garden waste collection has not been so good. 

Many people in the ward avail themselves of the service, for which they have to pay a charge on top of their Council Tax of between £44 and £195 a year, depending on the size of the bin.

It’s been reported to us that in at least one area of the ward, while green and black bins have been returned to properties, some brown bins have been abandoned in the street; and that several garden waste collections have been missed altogether. 

A resident who contacted the Council about this was told that there was no collection that week owing to staff shortages and Covid, and that there would be no collection for another two weeks. 

According to a statement by the Council, significant members of the workforce are having to self-isolate.

We appreciate the logistical difficulties presented by this unprecedented crisis and accept that for reasons of public safety the priority must be given to the disposal of domestic rubbish.

But given that this is a paid-for service, we also agree with another resident who wrote to us, saying

“…this is an additional paid for service (I presume out sourced to a contractor) and with any other commercial operation I would expect a quick resolution (as all our bins are full) or a refund, as the contracted service level has not been met.”

We will be keeping an eye on this matter.

If you have new information on this or any other local issues, or if you have something else you would like us to look into, please contact us on stfaiths@havantlabour.uk.