🗳 2022 election result

[May 2022]

Here’s the result of the May 2022 contest for the St Faiths ward seat on the Borough Council.

  1.   Phil Munday (LABOUR)  1,784
  2.   Jackie Branson (Con)  965
  3.   Sandra Howells (Green)  232
  4.   Annie Martin (Lib-Dem)  208

In the local party our heads are still spinning from this remarkable result!
As far as we know this is the first time in history that a candidate standing for Labour has won in our ward.

The only disappointment was the turnout, which, at 38.9%, was very similar to last year, meaning that once more six out of ten people in the ward didn’t use their votes.

Cllr Phil Munday, your newly-elected representative on the Council, says:

Cllr Phil Munday, Chair of St Faiths & Emsworth Labour Party “I want to say a big thank you to everyone who voted for me on Thursday 5th May 2022 in St Faiths.  I was quite blown away by the result.  Thank you for putting your faith in me.  I won’t let you down.”

Here are Phil’s principal election pledges, which he is looking forward to putting into action:

  • Demand more open and accountable decision-making by our council
  • Keep you informed of planning and infrastructure matters through regular newsletters
  • Listen to your concerns, including about the effect of all the new houses and other developments on our roads, parking, and medical services, and follow up on issues raised
  • Support our local shops and traders after the pandemic by demanding more free parking to attract shoppers back
  • Ensure that major emphasis is given to providing homes for families on our housing waiting list
  • Protect our environment by working to restrict the use of green-field sites and set sensible limits on house-building by considering housing density and use of brown-field sites
  • Demand that we really do build back greener with environmentally-friendly projects and solar panels or photovoltaic tiles on all new homes