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We continue to ask questions about development of the vacant sites in East Street and North Street.

New planning applications have recently been put in for the East Street site at and adjacent to Streets. 

Also, Portsmouth Water plan to build a new HQ on the current site in Brockhampton Lane, linked to new housing development.  We have concerns that the site needs a comprehensive plan shared with all local residents.

You can see details on the Council’s website and analysis on the Havant Civic Society site.

Phil has contacted Havant Council and local Councillors about the increased overnight lighting of the Langstone Technology Park, which is causing problems for residents and wildlife.  To date we have not had a reply and continue to press for one.

We also want to find out what action is being taken over the burnt-out railway cottages on Langstone Road and a number of other issues.

Our team are pressing for action as we are concerned that ward councillors are not keeping residents properly informed.

Please let us know of anything else you would like us to look into.  We have over 100 members in St Faiths ward.

You can contact us on stfaiths@havantlabour.uk