◻️ New Lane piling

[July 2022]

Message from Phil Munday:

Noise pollution and dust from the construction site at 32 New Lane

As a local Councillor I have raised concerns from a number of residents regarding the impact of the demolition and subsequent construction work being undertaken at 32 New Lane – the ‘Last Mile Hub’.

This is causing considerable disruption and unwanted noise and dust to local residents and can be heard some way off from the site.

The Council officers have been following this up and visited the site.

Here is their most recent report back to Councillors:

We are aware that a number of residents in the vicinity of the site have complained of the ongoing daily ‘banging’ noises associated with the percussive piling taking place.

We were previously advised by site management that they were hoping to complete the required piling by the 13th July.  However, because of various problems related to breakdowns and the late arrival of a second piling rig on site, the new target date for completion is advised as being 22nd July.

The impact noise when piles are being driven can be reduced by introducing a non-metallic ‘dolly’ between the hammer and the driving helmet.  This helps to prevent direct metal-to-metal contact.  We have confirmed with site management that timber dollies are being employed at the New Lane site.

We have previously done some noise measurements of this piling operation from the rear garden of a property in Nutwick Road, which is to the rear of the site.  The results of those measurements indicated that the piling noise levels were below 65 dB LAeq at nearest residential receptors.

The problem with percussive piling is that the characteristics of the associated impact noise, whilst not that high at these residential receptors, is clearly heard and can be very annoying.  The noise also tends to travel further.

TSL are also carrying out noise monitoring on the site on a daily basis and have advised us that, with the two piling rigs operating, levels are still below 65 dB at the New Lane and the railway line boundaries.  At these noise levels, whilst the number of hammer blows per pile is disturbing, it is within threshold limits.

We are aware that the nearest residents especially, have had to put up with a lot of disturbance over the past nine months, especially during the demolition phase and now this current piling phase.

All piling is currently being undertaken Monday to Friday, during agreed construction hours of 08:00 to 18:00, although we are advised piling normally stops between 17:00 to 17:30.

We are satisfied that TSL have implemented measures to try to minimise the amount of impact on residents in the vicinity by use of the timber dollies, pre-drilling the holes for the piles to a depth of around 5 – 6 metres prior to inserting the piles, and the use of the second rig, which should assist in speeding up the job’s completion.

We have also queried the possible use of acoustic shrouds on the piling rigs, but have been advised by site management this aspect has been explored with the piling contractor, who has advised that besides not being readily available, they apparently can’t be
fitted to the particular piling masts in current use on the site.

We have contacted all current complainants of the piling noise, to update them on the new target date for percussive piling completion.

We include the contact details for the two management personnel on site, if any residents wish to contact them directly:

TSL Project Manager
Charlie O’Sullivan
Mobile: 0781 565 1785.

In his absence
Alex Fowler
Mobile: 0789 006 0260

UPDATE:  August 2022

1.  Piling has ceased temporarily because the rig is in need of repair.  The developer estimates that two further days piling work will be required.

2.  Residents are invited to a public meeting* to discuss their concerns with the developer.

Thursday 4 August at 6pm

St Albans Church Hall
Bartons Road
West Leigh

* Havant Civic Society have published a report of the meeting at havantcivicsociety.uk/amazon-havant-breaking-the-silence.

If you have new information on this, or any other local matters, or if there is something else you would like us to look into, please contact us on stfaiths@havantlabour.uk.