◻️ Doubts over planned relief road

[March 2021]

Traffic queue at Warblington crossingAt consultation workshops three years ago on the proposed housing development between Denvilles and Emsworth, concern was raised by many residents about increased traffic along Southleigh Road.

The Council officials explained that in order to cope with all the excess traffic and reduce congestion along Southleigh Road and North Street Emsworth there would be a relief road going south from Bartons Road, crossing Southleigh Road, to join the A27 Chichester Road at an entirely new junction adjacent to the existing services.

We were also told that our local MP was approaching government ministers to get access to a new fund supporting infrastructure needs linked to new housing development.

We suggested that good use of such funds would be a new railway station on the Waterloo line to serve West Leigh and the new development.

Since the workshops, attendees have received no new information either from the Council or through our local Councillors.

Detailed reading of the latest planning documents indicates that the option is now being considered of not building the new road junction, and maybe not building a relief road at all.  There is no mention of the possibility of a new railway station.

We have written to St Faiths Councillors requesting much more openness and detailed discussion on plans for this development, including on progress with the relief road.

Houses are already being built.  We need more clarity about what is going on!

We will be pushing for the new junction, for a properly planned and fully funded relief road, and also for proper consideration to be given to the idea of a new train station.

You can see copies of correspondence with current St Faiths Councillors on this subject, here.

If you have new information on this, or any other local matters, or if you have an opinion you wish to share, please contact us on stfaiths@havantlabour.uk